State of ICT Integration in Teacher Education Institutions in the Philippines (2015 - ongoing)

The survey will assess the level of ICT-pedagogy integration in teacher educations institutions (TEI) in the Philippines. It is an opportunity for many TEIs to assess their ICT readiness and current level of ICT-pedagogy integration. The assessment will help TEIs to develop their institutional plan and strategies to achieve the other higher stages of ICT integration in the future.

The survey will gather data and information on the ff:
• TEI policy on use of ICT
• ICT equipment available for faculty and students
• ICT training of faculty
• Compliance to the implementation of the Educational Technology component in the teacher education curriculum
• ICT practice among teachers and students
• ICT resources for teachers and students

Knowledge Community is working with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Technical Panel for Teacher Education (TPTE), an advisory body to CHED, and the Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE) for the conduct of the survey and the research. The project is being funded through a research grant from Microsoft.


Philippine Graduate Tracer Study (2011-2013)

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in cooperation with the De La Salle University, a Philippine Higher Education Research Network Center, conducted a Graduate Tracer Study (GTS) from September 2011 to June 2013. Knowledge Community served as the survey partner and administrator.

The study provided information on the employability of graduates and assessed the relevance of higher education programs vis-à-vis expectations of employers. CHED used the results of the study to monitor the quality of education programs, and to prioritize courses for government scholarships and policy development. More than 6,000 tertiary-level graduates from 837 Philippine colleges and universities participated in the online survey.