The ICT in Education Training Program provides a range of professional development opportunities for educators. It fills the need of many schools and learning institutions to have a steady access to ICT-related trainings which have been vetted by international scholars and experts.

The ICT in Education Training Program is an ideal complement to technology investments. Before a school or institution makes the important decision to buy new equipment, there is often fear that financial resources will be wasted because the equipment will not be used effectively for their intended purpose. This fear can be dispelled if there is an effective training program that comes together with the new equipment.




ICT Coordinators


ICT4E Leadership Training


ICT4E Needs Assessment


ICT4E Infrastructure Planning


ICT4E Institutional Planning


Basic ICT Training and Digital Literacy


ICT Pedagogy Integration


ICT Tools and Resources for Teachers


ICT Learning Management System

Next Generation of Teachers Program

The Next Generation of Teachers (Next Gen) Project started as a major initiative by UNESCO Bangkok to assist teacher education institutions (TEIs) in the Asia-Pacific region to prepare the next generation of teachers to judiciously use technologies for teaching and learning. Knowledge Community is one of the accredited regional training and distribution centers in the Philippines.

Under this program, we conduct hands-on training for private and public school teachers and TEI faculty on the latest ICT for education (ICT4E) technologies and pedagogies. We identify best practices through research and assessments and help propagate these best practices to other schools and institutions. We encourage partnerships, sharing of best practices, and community-building through quarterly training workshops and annual conferences.

Financial Literacy Program for the Youth

We are a key partner of Pru Life U.K. in propagating financial literacy values and lessons in public and private schools in the Philippines under the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids Financial Literacy Program that was launched by Prudential Corporation Asia in 2012. The program is implemented in 10 countries across Asia. We helped design and write the teacher guides and lessons plan for Grades 2 and 3 and train teachers on how to effectively use these materials in their schools. We help in the planning of the annual conferences and in the conduct of the yearly impact assessments. Over 50,000 Filipino children and 652 teachers have benefited from the program since its inception in 2012.